Basic 6 week program:

   * Ages 9 months - 14 months:

Babies learn to swim face down briefly and then roll over and float independently for breathing.  They learn to hold this floating position for a duration of time until help arrives.

    * Ages 15 months and Up:

Students learn to swim head down, roll onto their backs for floating/breathing, and then, roll back over to swim (a sequence of swim-float-swim) until reaching a landmark or until help arrives.

      As part of the 6 week program:

1. On Fridays, parents are invited into the water to participate in the lesson:   This allows us the opportunity to demonstrate how to properly handle your child in the water while reinforcing your child’s newly acquired skills and building upon their self esteem and confidence!

2. Both age groups will go through a graduation process, where they will be placed in the water fully clothed and perform a FINAL TEST using all the skills they have acquired over the 6 week program.


After 6 week program:

Maintenance classes: 

These lessons are for children who have completed our basic 6 week program.  We recommend ongoing classes at least 2 times/week to preserve your child’s skills and memory as he/she grows and develops.  Games, toys and parent interaction are incorporated in these lessons.  (10 lesson commitment.)

Refresher classes  

These lessons are for children who have completed our basic 6 week program and who have been out of the water for a good length of  time.  Children do not lose their swimming and floating skills, however, confidence to perform the skills may need to be re-nourished.  (1 to 2 week program, depending upon parent’s desire and child’s response.


Advanced classes:  (Ages 4 and up)

In order to enter into advanced classes, the basic 6 week program must be completed if the child cannot perform the swim-float-swim sequence .

The 4 major strokes introduction:  Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly.

Private lessons /  2 or 4 days a week for 20 minutes / 8 Lessons commitment.


Adult lessons

These classes are for beginners that need to learn the basics.  Never too late to begin!

Private lessons/ 2 days a week  for 20 minutes/8 Lessons commitment.


                  ~  Important:  No child should ever be considered drown-proof, regardless of skills attained.  ~